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A smarter way to shop

Looking your best shouldn’t cost a fortune. We’ve created a way for you to get handmade, high-quality shoes at a reasonable price.

You pre-order


Browse our ever growing catalogue and order any products you like. We focus on timeless and versatile designs. There will always be a perfect shoe for you.

We manufacture


We receive your order and craft it with the utmost care. We send you updates about the production process. You’ll get years of quality and see how your shoes come to life.

You enjoy


Once your products are ready they are shipped straight to your door. We bypass middlemen and retail stores. Saving money and getting high quality is that simple.

“It's better to wait a little bit for a well made and affordable product that will last you for years to come, than to immediately an item you'll need to replace in a few months. You'll end up with something more durable that will save you money and look better. It's a win win."

Oscar C. Vagary Worldwide’s master shoemaker. 40 years in this craft.

Our win-win philosophy

We believe we can all come out on top. From the environment we live in, to the craftspeople we employ, to you - our great customers.

  • Good for you


    Well-built products last for years, not seasons. They get even better with time and can be repaired if need be. You’ll save money and reduce waste.


    You receive great value and the peace of mind of knowing your products were handcrafted under ethical and responsible conditions.


    Without the risk of having unsold inventory we can focus on offering you more design options. You’ll always find the product you’re looking for.

  • Good for the planet


    A made-to-order system minimizes impulse buying. It encourages thoughtful consumption and helps create fewer but better made things.


    Our supply is perfectly aligned to your demand.There’s never unsold inventory and resources are used only as they’re needed.


    Every product we put out into the world has an owner already. Each product we craft is the fulfillment of an actual order.

Our pricing formula.

You deserve the best. We’ll never cut corners on quality or business ethics. To achieve unrivaled value we follow three simple principles:


    We source our raw materials and craft the products directly. You get wholesale prices straight from the source.


    By crafting the products to order we reduce costs and free up cash flow. This allows us to operate with modest margins.


    We only sell direct online. There’s no middlemen and no need for high markups to cover distribution costs.

Our promise to you

We promise to offer you a smarter way to shop. A way that gives you the highest quality at the lowest price, while making a positive impact on the world. It’s simple, and may even sound mundane, but it’s what drives us.

Zero risk

Even if your order is already in production, you can cancel it for a full refund. Also, with each run we produce a small reserve of products to facilitate quick size exchanges. Shipping, returns and exchanges are free anywhere in the contiguous US.

Unrivaled value

Above all, we’re passionate about crafting footwear. This led us to spend years refining our products, processes and materials. Over 5,000 five-star reviews are a testament of our commitment to giving you the highest quality for the price.

Unique experience

We’re fanatical about giving you a memorable experience. As we craft your order, we send you regular updates with photos and videos. Like a backstage pass, you get to see behind the scenes and how your order is crafted from start to finish.